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Thornton, Colorado Testimonials


Hi, Rick.

We are thoroughly enjoying our new spa. I believe we have used it every day since it was installed. We found that soaking before going to sleep helps us get a better night's sleep, and the massage jets are a great way to relax tired and overworked muscles after a hard day's work. I tend to chill easily, so, with the colder weather of late, I have especially enjoyed getting into the spa to take the chill out of my bones. It is the right size for us, and we are very pleased with our purchase.

Denise Sorensen

Thornton, CO

After a couple of years of trying to keep my old spa alive, I was finally confronted with the inevitable need to get rid of it. I really did not want a new spa but shopping on Craig's List or other sites for a used one did not appeal to me at all. I had thoughts of just not replacing the spa so before I made that decision, I spoke to Rick Hallett at Wind River Spas, who had been helping me keep my old unit alive. He told me that they sold refurbished spas that were very nice and were very affordable. I was nervous about what Refurbished meant, so I visited his factory in Lafayette and met Kevin who oversees the operation there, to see for myself what they were doing, which left satisfied that I would get something that would be as good as new. I spoke to my family and they thought we should go ahead and price out a unit, which I did and was very surprised with the cost, so I purchased the unit, which they showed me operating on their factory floor before delivering and set up at my house. They removed my old unit and made this a very easy operation. I would recommend to anybody Wind River Spas and the service that they provide. I  did recommend to a friend and he bought a new spa just this week.

Dean Italiano
Thornton, CO


Thank you for being a leader and educator in your field.  This is our second spa.  The first was a Master Spa with bread foam that froze to death, but one thing we had liked about it was the Ozonator.  As I began researching companies and products this time around, my chief interests were clean, chemical free water, serviceability and freeze protection,  Your videos and website were invaluable, and made the decision easy, especially as you shed light on salt water and other current fads (cons) in the industry.  The organization I currently help run prides itself on being a learning and teaching organization and we work hard to earn the title of "Trusted Adviser" with all of our clients.  As I worked my way through your website, I felt a kinship and common thread between our businesses.  Bottom line, I want to commend you for being the best at what you do, and I look forward to many years of enjoyment with my family in our new Telluride spa, along with the peace of mind that comes with buying from your company.  I would recommend anyone looking for a spa first spend a couple hours on your website, then try to find a higher quality product elsewhere.  They won't!

Best Regards,

Brett Reitmair
Thornton, CO

VP Sales & Marketing
Mountain View Window & Door (Denver)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the entire staff at Wind River for the wonderful experience. From the home visit to help us find the best location to place the tub, to the multiple reschedules we required, everyone was so nice and helpful. We researched what spa to purchase, Wind River is by far has the best construction and tub layouts. Add that to our desire to purchase from a local company and Wind River was the absolutely best choice. We’ve had our tub for a little over a week and absolutely love it. Thank you!!!

Pamela and John Owens

Thornton, CO