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Lyons, Colorado Testimonials


I wanted to take a few moments to share with you our experience with our recent purchase of two of your great spas. I have
owned a spa for years that finally needed replacement while Marta is a new owner. We did our research and made of list of
features we were looking for and set out to visit the various spa dealers along the front range. Windriver was at the top of my
list so we decided to visit your factory showroom in Lafayette. We met up with Nelson there and he took us through the
features of the various spas and gave us a very extensive tour of the factory were we were able to watch spas being built.
We were impressed by Nelson's knowledge and the factory floor visit and most importantly the features and quality of your
product. Although your spas seemed to be in the high end range of spas, when we received a quote, we were pleasantly
surprised to find the price to be more in line with the low end range of other spas brands that we had looked at. Here is a
short list of what we love about your spas.

Built and sold by the same company here in Colorado.
Built for Colorado conditions
Eliminates the middle man so you get more spa for the same money others are asking.
Reduces transit handling and distance that reduces cost and potential damage
Factory support right here in Co.

Thicker shell material
Makes sense it will hold up to Colorado climate better
We love the textured option we chose with our spas

Continuous flow ozonator system
Having owned a spa for years, I was thrilled to see this system in your spas. The water is so fresh and virtually chemical
free that I no longer have the dry irritated skin I used to experience with my old spa. Great feature.

Easy access to spa plumbing
This was a major selling point for me as my old spa had started leaking and for the life of me I could not find the leak due
to the entire cavity being filled with foam. I think your design greatly superior in this area. No one expects their spa to leak,
but I know from experience, that given Colorado's extreme temperature swings, it is inevitable that a leak could show up
over time. 

Choice of spa shell and skirt
This is a great feature. We both chose different shell and skirt colors and as such each have a custom spa to order. We
love this.

Last but certainly not least, the people at Windriver
People make all the difference. Everyone we have dealt with at Windriver have been great. You have a tremendous team and
wish to thank them all.

Again, we wish to thank Windriver for your great product and service.


Ken and Marta
Lyons, CO