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Leadville, Colorado Testimonials


Thanks again to Wind River Spas.  We bought our Steamboat model in the fall of 2016.  Our WRS experience started with Tyler in sales.  He was great and answered so many questions so we could make a pretty educated purchase, particularly on how WRS stacked up against the competition.  The delivery process was seamless.  I had our electrician present during the delivery and your team made it look easy.  They even came back to make some minor cover adjustments for free since I changed my mind on the location of the lift.  Our cabin is at 10,200 feet and in a pretty remote area outside Leadville Colorado and your team scheduled it quickly with no hassle.  We have had no service issues since.  The filtering system is no joke.  I have numerous friends with hot tubs and they are always messing around with chemicals and adjusting treatments.  I literally do nothing to our tub except changing/rinsing the filter as recommended and shocking it after each use, again as recommended.  For times when we do not visit the cabin for 4-8 weeks, I simply add a floaty that slowly dispenses small round chlorine tablets so there is at least some treatment during long absences.  I put the floaty on the lowers setting.  If I used the tub weekly, there would be no need for the floaty.  My water is crystal clear all the time and we even used well water to fill it.  Amazingly simple to maintain. 

Recently, the tub freeze warranty was tested.  It had been about 4-5 weeks since I was at the cabin.  The power goes off frequently in this area.  Normally everything resets and there are no issues.  But, sometimes there are surges when it comes back on which can trip our hot tub breaker.  I showed up last weekend and the tub was hovering around 32-33 degrees with nothing freezing. I was amazed.  My guess is the power went off weeks ago.  I flipped the breaker and the warmup cycle started right back up.  By the next day I was enjoying the hot tub at a comfy 102 degrees with our amazing views of the Sawatch Range.  Doesn’t get much better and I would highly recommend WRS to anyone!  Thanks again to you, Tyler and your team. 

Adam Wiens
Leadville, CO