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We love our new Wind River Spa! It was well worth the wait and we're using it daily. Your folks (Tyler and gang) did an awesome job with the delivery and setup of the spa. They were a pleasure to work with and were conscientious about their work. Once the spa was filled, it rose to temperature at exactly the time they said it would. We used it that night and were thrilled with the performance. I'd highly recommend your company and your service. You all exceeded my expectations and the quality of the product is outstanding. Thanks again for your follow up.

Marc Rupp
Arvada, CO


Wind River Spas told us about ozone filters and we were excited. We are very "green" and didn't like the idea of sitting in chemicals. After researching some more on the internet, we ordered our tub. It was finished on time, delivered on time, and the guys showed us everything we needed to know about the maintenance. Rick has called and e-mailed several times to make sure we were happy with thew spa and to see if we had any questions. I would recommend Wind River Spas to anyone looking for a hot tub, especially if you want fewer chemicals in your life. We use it daily.

Tad & Jean House
Arvada, CO


Rick, We use the spa all the time and sometimes multiple times a day. We are really happy with our choice and would still be looking if we hadn't found you. We knew nothing about o-zone filtration and with my health were really not wanting to sit in chemicals. You explained the process very well and put our minds at ease. The guys that installed it were very nice and well informed. They showed us everything we needed to know on how to maintain the tub. I would tell anyone looking for a spa to talk to you.

Thanks again.
Tad and Jean House
Arvada, CO


After visiting local home shows and the “traveling spa road shows” that come periodically I was very disillusioned as the sales reps all seemed slimy and evasive when I asked specific questions about the construction, setup and placement of the spa. So I continued my search online and found Wind River Spas, who happened to be local. My wife and I visited the showroom and had all our questions answered immediately, most importantly there was no pressure to buy, just a presentation of “this is what we have to offer and why we think ours spa is superior to others”. The whole experience from selection to delivery was just as promised and the price was as competitive as the other less “forthcoming” dealers.

Andy & Diane T.
Arvada, CO


Hi Rick,
Thanks for following up so quickly on our new installation. This is the 4th hot tub we’ve owned, so I feel like I’m an experienced customer. The Wind River spa is by FAR the best we’ve ever been in. We purchased the Sierra, with 34 jets and enjoy the different configurations of the seating pattern. The electrician you recommended did a great job of changing our 220 from a 3 wire system to a 4 wire system, and he even replaced another breaker we were having trouble with.

Your manual is very complete and I learned some things about the details of the pumps and systems that I didn’t know before. Everyone we’ve worked with from your company with has been very pleasant and knowledgeable. I can’t say enough about the quality of your product, and we plan on using it for at least the next 15-20 years.

Pat Johnson
Arvada, CO


Rick - thanks for the follow-up. I spoke with Nelson shortly after the delivery to tell him what a great crew you have. They did an amazing job placing the tub just where I wanted it and Harold was awesome with the electric and explanation of how everything worked. We've spent the past two nights in the tub and absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for having a great product, great company, and great employees.

Jonathan Thompson
Arvada, CO



Thanks to the dedication of your hard working employees everything went extremely smooth on the delivery. We thank you for the time each of you spent with us; yourself, Matt and Justin made us feel comfortable with our decision to buy your product. We have just used it once this morning because last night it just wasn’t quite up to temperature. If we do have any questions or concerns we will contact you for assistance.

Thanks again,

Tom & Lana Tullos
Arvada CO



I'm glad that you emailed us as we were going to email you. My wife said that your delivery crew was absolutely top notch. They set up the tub within an hour or so with no problems at all. They were very attentive to her wishes and set up went off without a hitch. The electrician was excellent also. We have already enjoyed the tub twice today and plan to revisit before going to bed. Waking up to a soak in the tub was a wonderful way to start the day. After yesterday's flight in from DC and the pain from arthritis the soak in the tub was nice.

Thanks for your great service and we are extremely happy with the tub.

Dave & Janet Cavallier
Arvada, CO


Dear Rick:
A Huge thanks to you and WindRiver Spas for continuing to work with me thought my journey for a new spa. If you recall, I contacted you in September of this year knowing that my previous spa of 13 years had sprung a leak (my own negligence). We talked about alternatives and I new that I wanted a new spa. So I sought out on a quest for the best buy for my money.

I decided in October to purchase a spa thru mainly because I believed I was getting more spa for the dollar. I was getting a larger spa, 60 jets and two pumps at a price that WindRiver, as well as other dealers, couldn’t beat. I was reluctant to make such a large purchase on-line, so I tracked down the similar spa at a local dealer, viewed it and was sure it was a great deal. I was wrong.

I’m glad that you kept a professional position with my initial decision and glad that I could contact you in November after living with the Costco spa for a month. It wasn’t a great deal for the money and it wasn’t the spa for me. The only silver lining was that I could return my spa so I could get the WindRiver spa with the features that I want. Here’s the difference in my WindRiver Journey Spa: The jets are truly therapeutic. My Journey has 20 jets many of which are aimed at working the back muscles which I often find sore. The prior spa did have more (60) jets, but who cares. They were all the same output, and wimpy. I also love that you showed me the whirlpool jet in your showroom – that will be my savior many days. Its truly a customized spa for me, which is a unique offer from WindRiver. Working with you I could get the features I wanted, at a great price. And appreciate the incredibly quick manufacturing interval so that I can already be enjoying my spa. Lower chemical use with your full time filtration and ozonator system. My wife already loves the clarity of the water and the lack of any chemical smell or experience when using the spa. Energy efficient – I have a PV solar system and monitor electric consumption fairly closely. I’m certain that the WindRiver Spa will save me electric costs in the long run. Your support and team. I cannot thank you as well as the installers (Bob & team) for working with me and ensuring my satisfaction.

Thanks – Happy Holidays
An extremely happy WindRiver customer

Roger Carollo
Arvada, CO

My wife and I love our new"to us" spa. It looks and works great.The entire experience was very positive and I will be highly recommending Wind River Spas to anyone that is looking. 

The 2 guys, I don't know their names, that delivered the tub were great. They were very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable.  I am very impressed with the care they used to make sure the tub was just the way that I wanted it. He went through the bucket of supplies and made sure I had no questions about anything. I cant imagine a better experience.

Please extend my thanks again to all the people involved in my spa, and delivery team.


Joe Chinburg
Arvada CO

Arvada, Colorado Testimonials



Gary and I wanted to say what a wonderful business you have in Wind River Spas.  Our spa was installed on August 6th.  We had some concerns on getting the old spa out, but your installers were so professional and very efficient.  The old came out and the new was in within minutes it seemed.  The sales process with Tyler was great as well.  You have a terrific team.   We would recommend anyone interested in a spa to come to Wind River Spas.

Gary and Nancy Harvey
Arvada, CO

We're really happy to have a local option when ordering a custom spa.  We like that Wind River Spas are built for Colorado's winters, and that if there are any problems the spa can be serviced by a local technician.  We were impressed with the price and how much customization we were able to do.  The price was great and we would definitely recommend Wind River Spas!


James Buff
Arvada, CO


We absolutely love the spa!  Someone in our family uses it every day.  All of our children are athletes and the spa has been very helpful in dealing with some of the aches and pains associated with their sports.  Its also been good to just hang out together with them as a family at the end of the day.  However my favorite time to use the tub is first thing in the morning when they are all still asleep!  The tub has been hassle free and we have had no issues.  Thanks for making a quality tub!

Chad & Laura Weldon
Arvada, CO
August 8, 2019

The Wind River crew did a very professional job both removing our old hot tub and installing our new spa. Kyle & Co. are magicians with their slides and slings. No hits, no nicks, no errors! Really good at what they do. We love the new tub, especially how quiet it is. Thanks, you guys.

Mike Madigan
Arvada, CO

Hello Rick!  We are loving our new spa from Wind River!!!!  The sales staff and delivery guys were all fantastic.  We will always recommend your spas over the competition hands down!

Jeff & Lisa Glenn
Arvada, CO