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Golden, Colorado Testimonials


Hi Rick, I wanted to send a note and photo to let you know how much we love our Wind River Spa. We have used it 5-6 days a week for almost 3 months now and are very happy with it! We have the Sierra model but added a few extra jets, which is one thing we absolutely loved - the ability to customize this to our specific needs. As an avid runner and hiker, the calve jets that we added are some of my personal favorites. It's been so nice to spend family time from our spa - my kids love the light and waterfall, and of course practicing cannonballs and underwater flips! We have had a few guests comment that it is the nicest hot tub they have ever been in. We will recommend Wind River without hesitation. Thank you for being such a great company - great product and great customer service.

Lisa & Michael Carr
Golden, CO

Hi Rick:

It is 10:30 on Wednesday night and we just enjoyed the inaugural hour in our wonderful new Journey Wind River Spa!

Our thanks to Nelson for initially helping us find what would fit our needs. Our thanks to you for taking the time to come out and solve the issues we had and our thanks to Bob, Josh and Jeff, your great crew, who did a fantastic installation job!

We are convinced we will enjoy our new spa for many years to come and thank all of you for making this possible. Please keep in touch and feel free to use us as a reference for future customers.

All the best,

Jeff & Charlotte Cosgrove
Golden, CO

Thanks so much to Nathan and his amazing crew. Because a crane could not be used to install our spa, they had to slide it down the hill on to a lower deck, across the lower deck, up a flight of stairs onto the upper deck and then set it on a platform below the level of the deck. They did all this in snow! Before that, they had to remove our old hot tub through the same route. Nathan proved that he was the man who could figure out how to make it work. Again, thanks to Nathan and his crew for their very hard work under difficult conditions. I think they could install a spa just about anywhere!

We absolutely love this spa and highly recommend Wind River.

Sandy and Cliff McRae
Golden, CO

Hello Justin,
This letter is a follow up to our hot tub purchase from the Spa Exchange. We have had it filled with water for (10) days now. I am so happy with the quality and design of our Wind River Spa I wanted to write a few words of appreciation.

What prompted me to purchase a Wind River Spa was the way it was constructed which I was able to evaluate in your showroom as there was a spa with a cutaway on display. The insulated panels, the insulation type on the underside of the shell, the material used for the bottom surface, the shell and the plumbing all looked of good quality and assembled with care. The control panel, which controls the entire operation of the hot tub, was very straightforward to wire. In short, I like the design and assembly of the Wind River Spas.

I filled our tub on Thursday December 23rd, the temperature at our house was 8 degrees Fahrenheit. At 10:00 pm the tub was at 102 degrees, the temperature I had set. Using the hot tub at this temperature I would of expected tot see a drop in the water temperature due to the ambient air temperature. The hot tub maintained 102 degrees in a surrounding air temperature close to 0 degrees. With that said, the heater is designed for Colorado conditions. Lastly, it is obvious that there has been some thought put into the design (size and efficiency) of the pump and jet systems as the flow rate and pressure from these systems is optimized and pleasing to be in.

I have and will continue to recommend to people considering a hot tub purchase to go to your showroom and check out your spas. The Turnkey Concept of a hot tub purchase that you guys use is the way to go. When I say this, I am referring to the initial sale, the site visit you guys do, the delivery and startup, the laminated maintenance and reference sheets provide at delivery, and lastly the follow up, all of which were done. When people buy a hot tub, many don't think through to the startup, you guys have this covered and this is a very useful service. Your selection of spas and accessories is very complete. You guys do a good job.

Take Care,
Charles D. Gallagher
Golden, CO

We were excited to work with Wind River Spas for our second hot tub. Our previous tub from them went for almost twenty years! Our new one far exceeded our expectations in every way. The technology has come far and makes for a wonderful product when applied to these great tubs. We had an excellent customer service from start to finish with installation. Thanks to all who helped at Wind River Spas.

Brittany Allomong & Erik Gasner
Golden, Colorado


Wind River Spas has been the go-to choice for our spa needs since my wife and I made our first spa purchase nearly 20 years ago.  Rick and his staff are knowledgeable and attentive to their customer’s interests and have always worked with us to find the best product to match our lifestyle and budget.  All of our Wind River Spas have been simple to operate, easy to maintain and durably withstand the outdoor rigors presented by our Colorado foothills climate.

Kit Mitchell
Golden, CO


I am a returning Wind River Spa owner and extremely happy with the service during sales, delightful delivery crew, and best spa experience overall. My husband is a first time owner and has enjoyed the no chemical odor and the flexibility of the jets and seat accommodations. We look forward to our tub time every day!


Andrea and Karl Decker
Golden, CO


I wanted to tell you that your installation team (Bobby, Ray and Nick) did an excellent job!  They had to remove a heavy, old Marquis spa from our deck and the workload didn't phase them.  We were relieved that we didn't have to hire a crane to do the job.  They set up our new Vitalizer in a timely manner and explained all the details of operation.  They were all courteous, hard working, and efficient!  We really appreciated all of their efforts in installing our new spa.  We have really been enjoying our new hot tub.  I love the color combinations of the Tuscan Sun interior and Teak skirt.  I was also glad I could pick the color of my cover.  I chose the tan because it would show less dirt/pollen than a darker color.   We ended up buying a floor model because it was the perfect size I had been looking for, not too big and not too small and was the color that I would have selected if I had one ordered one.  We are so pleased with your company and our new Wind River Spa. 

Thank you,
Bre Lipinski
Golden, CO

We absolutely love our Wind River spa.  We are very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and most importantly that it is a Colorado company and built to withstand the winter cold.  We were very impressed with Tyler at the showroom and also liked the fact that he made a home visit to check out all of the details of the delivery and placement of our spa.  Rick continued to reach out to us after we placed the order to see if we had any questions prior to the delivery of our spa as well as following up after delivery. We required electrical work for our installation and Wind River coordinated to have Harold, the electrician, be here when the spa was delivered.  Having a combined delivery team and electrician made for a seamless, easy installation of our spa.  The Wind River delivery and installation team were very professional and friendly and they have worked frequently with Harold.  It is a great experience when the electrician (not a Wind River employee) knows the delivery team and the product so well.

We would recommend Wind River spa to anyone. 

Brian and Sandy Beatty,
Golden, CO


We purchased the original tub in 2004 and were so happy with its performance that we purchased another Wind River. Nick and the install team were great - you have a first class team.

Thanks, Jeff & Lisa Chevalier
Golden, CO