Hi Rick:
If you will recall, I purchased the Hurricane model from you in late October. I just wanted you to know that I couldn't
be more pleased with my tub. I am especially glad I upgraded to the Hurricane to get the additional jets. I use it at
least six days a week and it has really helped my lower back pain problems. My primary intent in getting the tub
was that it would hopefully help with my aches and pains, and it has.
Thanks again for manufacturing a GREAT hot tub.
Don Eriksen
Littleton, CO
Littleton, Colorado Testimonials
We love the spa! We use it at least once a day. Every time we use it we say it is one of the best
investments we ever made. I heard nightmare stories about people buying used spas to save a few
bucks and install it themselves, and I didn't want to deal with that mess. So I relied on Wind River
to do everything - deliver, install, electrical, the works. The price was reasonable for the work and
we got a great discount on a brand new spa for buying off-season. We definitely recommend Rick
and Wind River Spas!
Dave Leo
Littleton, CO

We purchased our first house in 2008 and we really thought a hot tub would be a great addition
to our backyard. We were young and just starting out and Rick worked with us to make it very
affordable to get into a great spa. We sold that house in November 2012 and intended to bring
the tub with us but the buyers loved it so much they wanted to buy the spa with the house. It
was a hard winter without our Wind River but we just purchased another one in May and look
forward to many great years in it. Wind River makes excellent spas and they stand behind their
product. The employees (sales, service, delivery) are very knowledgable and care about making
their customers happy. We love our Wind River and will never purchase another tub from
anyone but Rick and his great staff at Wind River Spas.
Shawn & Danielle
Littleton, CO

Dear Rick -- We are so glad to have a working hot tub in our beautiful patio and are even happier
to have one of yours. We not only love the style and the features but especially like that it is
virtually chemical free!
Your staff was always so helpful and timely in all our dealings right down to the delivery crew.
Thanks for making this all a pleasant experience.
Sandy Spencer
Littleton, CO

Hi Rick,
I wanted to get in a month of use of our new Wind River Spa, then tell you what Nancy & I think of the spa and your
First, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you personally and was very impressed with your knowledgeable
and professional presentation of the details regarding the manufacturing and operation of the chemical-free Wind Wind
River Spa.
Once we toured your elegant showroom and reviewed spa options, we chose the spa most suited to our liking and to our
deck environment. You explained every detail of the process from beginning to end, making everything easy to
understand and not once did we ever feel pressured to purchase anything.
Following our purchase, everything happened exactly as you stated and as you outlined in the purchase contract. The
spa was delivered on the day it was promised and the delivery crew couldn't have been more helpful or nicer to work
The spa is beautiful and performs beyond my expectations and I still can't believe how sparkling clear and odor-free the
water remains after over a full month of near-daily use without using any chlorine or bromine. I no longer have any of the
itching on my back following a long jet massage like I used to get with our old spa. It is wonderful.
Purchasing our Wind River Spa from you was truly one of the best purchase experiences I can remember, bar none. I
can honestly and whole heartedly recommend Wind River Spas to anyone looking for a high-quality, extremely efficient
and state-of-the-art spa.
I seldom ever give a glowing review of anything like this, because most of the time, once you get past the sales and talk ; it seems like no one follows through or really cares about quality, professionalism or integrity. You do care Rick, and as
one business owner to another, you earned this favorable review.
Regrets? I have only one. After 16 years of owning two other spas, I only wish I would have purchased the Wind River
Very Sincerely,
Bud Glass
Littleton, CO
Hey Rick
The spa is everything I wanted it to be. The custom design you helped us with is wonderful. Purchasing the spa was
stress free with no pressure, time line and install were perfect as well, (1 week wow). I could not have made a better
choice than Wind River and believe me I looked. Thanks, it is nice to deal with an honest, professional company.
There is no doubt that you put the customer first.
Keith & Lisa Reichert
Littleton, CO

Rick, the electrical and tub delivery went great. The removal of our old tub; the setting of the new; the coordination
between the electrical contractor and your delivery guys; the set-up and orientation went off like mission impossible. I
had to go out of town for four days after it was delivered, so didn’t get to enjoy it until Friday. It was a long out of town
stay knowing the new tub was waiting for me. It was awesome. Everything works perfectly, and it is even better than
we could imagine. Thank you!
Skip Hlad
Littleton, CO

I wish everyone delivered as much for MY money as Windriver does. I just wish I felt this good about
every purchase I make. Your product, your price, your service and, your people are exceptional. Thanks
again for making this so easy
James T Clydesdale
Littleton, CO

I don't believe I responded to your note below. The installation team you sent were a great bunch of guys.
They worked well together and was successful getting the old tub out and the new one in - working with my
needs and interests in mind. The electrician did a great job and helped your team when needed. It seems to
me that you have a well organized company from our initial sales meeting to the finish.  It was a joy working
with you and your team. We will definitely recommend WindRiver Spas for everyone looking for a new or
replacement tub!
Thanks for making this one of the easiest home improvements we've had.
Terri Thomson and Glenn Arnold
Littleton, CO

We purchased this tub new in '97, just thought that I would write a review as we have since moved to another home
and bought the '04 model of this tub. We used the tub for three years. We wanted to take the tub with us, but the
buyers of our house wanted to buy the tub with the house, so we reluctantly sold it.
Yes, it lived up to our expectations. We did have a problem, but we were taken care of to our satisfaction and under
Would we do it again? Yes, and to prove it, we just did. Same updated  version of the same model, from the same
person (Rick Hallett, now the owner of Wind River Spas). The new model has updated Balboa controls, better pumps,
a better ozonator, updated valves, a longer warranty, refined layout and misc. upgrades like LED lighting and waterfall.
We really like the service from Wind River, the price (and value) compared to other spas, and the sales practices of
the Spa Exchange (now simply Wind River Spas after the owner of the Spa Exchange bought the Wind River factory).
The deal is simply $50 down when the order is placed, with the balance due at delivery. We have heard horror stories
about other brands, expecially for service as well as sales practices, so we didn't even bother to shop other brands
this time. The tubs are built to order, with a three week wait for our tub.
As for features, we like vigorous massage (two two-speed 5 hp pumps through 48 jets, and one 1/15 hp continuous
circulating pump) and the layout. The construction of the tub is top notch. I can't wait for ski season this year knowing
what we have to come home to.
I have no problem recommending Wind River Spas to anyone and have on several occasions.
Marsi Smith
Littleton, CO
Dear Rick,
I just wanted to send you a note telling you how happy I am with my Breckenridge hot tub.  I have owned it for more
than six months and it is the best investment I have ever made.  I use it approx. 3-4 times a week.  It is so nice to
relax in it after a long day at work.  I use a computer all day and my neck gets sore and the spa takes that stiffness
away.  I also use it after working out or after skiing and the next day I feel great.  I would like to Thank You for
coming out to my house to inspect my patio and referring me to an electrician for the work to be done.  Also, the
setup and follow-up service (from Jason) afterwards was excellent.  I also did the comparison shopping like you told
me to do. The quality, service, and low maintenance on my tub is superior to the other brands. I got many extras on
my tub that you end up paying more for from the competitors.  I have no problem recommending my family and
friends who are in the market for a hot tub.
Thank you again,
Jeff Nowicki
Littleton, CO
Dear Rick & the gang:
I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my Hurricane hot tub. Everybody there was kind and courteous, from
the first day I walked in there til the day my hot tub was set-up. Even when I called up numerous times in the first
month with a "stupid question".
My favorite time of the day is just before I go to bed, I get in the Hurricane for 30 minutes and I am a sleep 20 minutes
after I get out. The numerous jets are wonderful and my back feels like it did 10 years ago!!!!
Thank you
Steve Shea
Littleton, CO
Just wanted to let you know how much our family is enjoying our Windriver spa. Our many Thanks to
you and your staff for being so informative, honest, and for your excellence in customer service. We
are very happy with our spa & Made in Colorado. We can't believe how little maintenance it takes and
still maintains crystal clear water and perfect temperature. Very minimal impact on our public service
bill was an added bonus. Again thanks for all your help and for producing a great Colorado product. I
know we will enjoy it for years to come. Use us as a reference anytime.
Adrian and Mary DeWald
Littleton, CO

We have been enjoying the tub. It is nice to not take a chem bath like before, the ozone system is great.
And the cover and lift work easily enough that my daughter can handle it. We are pleased with the value
that we received going with a reconditioned tub with many jets, vs. a new tub with very few.
Chris Henshaw
Littleton, CO

Rick and his staff were very professional and informative in our hot tub purchase. We are really enjoying our new hot tub and were
very impressed with the courtesy and the helpful instructions from his installation team. They spent time in answering all our
questions on operations and maintenance of new hot tub. I would definitively recommend Wind River Spas to my friends and
Charles and Debbie Fishel
Littleton, Colorado

Our experience with Wind River Spas since the moment we walked in the door has been outstanding!  Nelson was exceptional
to work with, as was the crew that delivered the tub - and even Harold the electrician you referred us to. We couldn't be more
pleased with the tub, and with the service provided. Thanks again!
Lisa Caplin
Littleton, CO

Hi Rick,
Just thought you should know your installers Bobby and Victor were very proficient, courteous, and professional. Spa was
delivered on time in great condition. Just got it today, and it's almost up to temperature. We can't wait to celebrate tonight.  Here's
a pic of our awesome backyard with its new spa, it's a perfect fit..  Thanks for the great buying experience.
Dave Lilja
Littleton, CO 

From the first time we walked in and Nelson showed us around we never felt pressured to buy.  When we made the decision
to buy everyone was very helpful.  You have been extremely patient with us since we had to move our delivery so many
times.  The delivery guys were fantastic.  They were very careful not to scratch or damage the shell.  They were patient
explaining everything to me. We absolutely love our spa.  It was the best investment we have ever made!!!
Christie & Mark Hoff
Littleton, CO
Just wanted to thank you and every one at wind river spas for doing such a great job. This is my second tub from wind river, the first
one ran with zero issues for over 5 years and was still going strong when I replaced it. The new one has twice the jets and is every
thing I have come to expect from wind river spas. It's refreshing to do business with a company that stands behind their product the
way you do. You went above and beyond customer service assuring I got the option I wanted. Thank you once more and I look
forward to doing business with you in the future.
Mike Melchior
Littleton, CO
I’m sending you an email to let you know that Mary and I are so happy with our Wind River Spa..
I don’t know if you remember or not but the last spa/Hot tub that we had, I owned that thing for 18 years. As you said yourself, thats
an eternity for a hot tub. With that Spa I was constantly chasing the chemical balance of the thing, PH up, PH down, Algicide,
Bromine, Etc. I tried my best to keep it in check but when we got out of it you could still feel the chemicals on your skin and we
smelled like we just got out of a public pool.
With our Wind River spa I do almost none of that stuff. We enjoy our spa almost every evening and when we get out I put a small
amount or Dy Chlor in it and were good to go. Now when we get out our skin feels softer and there is no harsh chemical smell. Had I
known that owning a Spa could be this easy I would have bought this 10 years ago.!
Once again we want to say thanks to you and all the guys for giving us a great buying experience and an AWSOME SPA..!
Bill & Mary Todd
Littleton, CO
Thank you for the follow up. You and your team was professional and very efficient. The tub is amazing.  I love all the seating options
and jet controls.  My favorite is the adadirondack and whirlpool seat. Thanks for checking in on us. 
Gordon Seib
Littleton, CO
2940 S Galapago Englewood, CO 80110
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Hello Rick.
Thanks for checking in. Everything is working great with our spa and we couldn't be happier. Thanks for
providing such great service before, during and after our purchase.  We will certainly recommend you to our
Best Tara & Eric Byrnes
Littleton, CO
Hi Rick,
We absolutely love the new spa!  We've been using it every day since it was ready to go this past weekend, and
are so happy with the small size - fits perfectly on our patio.  Thank you for all of your help getting everything
scheduled this past month and helping with the tweaks along the way.  We are so happy to have found your
company and are glad to be able to support a local company!  The install was super easy too - your team was
Nicole &Eric Iverson
Littleton, CO
Please pass heartfelt gratitude from Kathy and I to your team for the delivery and installation of our new spa!! The professionalism,
personality and courtesy that your team brought to our home is exactly the reason we continue to be your customer! While the
quality of the product is beyond any expectation, the personal part is what separates your company for us!! Many times I have
called and visited the store for advice, help and direction, each time I have received the same helpful and positive response. Thank
you for exceptional service and a product that makes an amazing difference for us!
Best Regards,
Kathy & Rob Sha
Littleton, CO
Hi Rick,
Just wanted to send you a picture of the new tub in place.  Your installation crew of three guys were amazing.  They removed our 14 year old Wind River spa and protected
my large golf green while taking it out and bringing the new tub in. We  used our old spa almost every single day and we are looking forward to at least another 15 years with
the new spa.  Your spas are made and designed to last a very long time and we use ours year round. Thanks again for your product, your team and your follow up during the
removal and installation of our new hot tub!!!
Mike O' Donnell
Littleton, CO
Thanks so much for making our spa dreams come true. We appreciate all your efforts in getting our spa finished and delivered before the virus shut down. We were the very
last delivery. Your guys were great help in setting us up and Tyson got it wired and running. We were able to heat it up and enjoyed soaking as the snow fell last night. What a
treat to have this working as we wait out our stay at home directives.
Roger and Sue Overbey
Littleton, CO
We have been enjoying it immensely. Kyle and the rest of the crew were quick, efficient and courteous in removing the 16-year-old Keystone spa, and getting
the new one in place. Thanks again for the great spa and the great service. 
Sandy and Mike DeBello
Littleton, CO
Everything has been great! From the time we stepped into your showroom through the delviery process of our spa, everyone we have dealt with at Wind River Spas has been fantastic! We will definitely recommend you to our family and friends that are in the market for a spa. Thank you all for your professionalism, help finding the right spa for us and creating a great product.
Michael Poveda
Littleton, CO