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2017 Testimonials



We love our spa. I just want to say that we are impressed again by Wind River Spas. 12 years ago we purchased a spa and we were very impressed with the customer service at that time. Here we are 12 years later... I am even more impressed this time because some companies can get it right once. Only a few can do it right consistently. I have recommended Wind River several times and everyone that purchased a spa was as happy as we are. Thanks for building and delivering the best spa in Colorado.

Dwayne and Melody
Drake, CO

We're really happy to have a local option when ordering a custom spa.  We like that Wind River Spas are built for Colorado's winters, and that if there are any problems the spa can be serviced by a local technician.  We were impressed with the price and how much customization we were able to do.  The price was great and we would definitely recommend Wind River Spas!


James Buff
Arvada, CO

Dear Rick,

Our family is loving our new Wind River spa.  The Summit model has been perfect for us, and we have soaked almost every day.

The decision process for replacing an old broken tub was easier for us after I learned about Wind River Spas.  Visiting the showroom was key, and the salesperson professionally showed us the various spas and options.  Deciding right then and there to buy was easy as I had done some homework; the spas are well reviewed for a good reason: they are engineered to be low maintenance, chemical free, and easy to repair down the road.  Installation (by crane, no less) went smoothly.  The jets and filtration system etc. are all working well.  In the few weeks we’ve had it so far, it has been pure enjoyment.  I forgot how great it can be for quality family time, as well as that warm and relaxed, healthy feeling afterwards.

Thanks for building a better hot tub.

Bill Manley
Lafayette, CO

Hey Rick!

We are excited that we chose Wind River and enjoy our fountain of youth every night! Keep doing what you do, it is a wonderful thing!

Jimmy, Beth, Logan and Malia Butterfield
Collbran, CO

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