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Our free, no obligation home visit is possibly the most valuable tool you can use in the purchase of one of our quality spas. Contact Wind River Spas by entering your name and email below.

 Get answers to all of your questions.  If you have never owned a spa, there are questions that you may not realize need answers.
 If you do have a spa, a home visit is important to evaluate trade value and removal options before taking delivery of your new one.
 Read our list of the top ten questions that address some of the potential issues when purchasing a spa:


6 + 1 =

1… If I don’t have a location picked out for a spa where should it go?
2… What Kind of surface will I need for a spa to sit on?
3… What are the electrical requirements for a spa, and is my house currently capable of meeting them?
4… Is the terrain on my property going to allow for a spa delivery, (no gate, rocky, landscaped or sloped yard)?
5… What if the location I’ve chosen is only accessible through the house,(walk out basement, upper deck or patio)?
6… What modifications to the room would I have to make to put the spa indoors?
7… If the location I have is a tight fit will accessories like a cover lifter, or safety rail still work?
8… Is a spa’s dimension and access requirements going to work with the landscaping project I’m getting involved in? Also at what point in my project is it recommended I take delivery to most efficiently incorporate the spa?

(Home visits are only available within a 25 mile radius of our Englewood location at 2940 S. Galapago St. Englewood CO. 80110)


2940 S Galapago Englewood, CO 80110

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