Have you ever spent time in a public hot tub only to find yourself with a mysterious skin irritation the next day or even an illness? Properly maintaining a hot tub is absolutely essential in preventing bacteria growth and unsanitary conditions, but often the solution can be harmful as well. Many hot tubs require chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, algicides, anti-foaming agents, and more to keep the water clean and clear. While these solutions are better than leaving the water untreated, none of them are healthy for the human body. Your body can be negatively impacted in many ways by chemically treated water. After soaking regularly in this type of tub you may begin to notice problems with your:  

  • Lungs: Hot tub chemicals, and the byproducts created when they mix with pollutants in the water, can cause irritation to the lungs and the sensitive tissues inside your nasal passageways and throat. This can lead to respiratory problems and can be especially harmful to those with asthma. 
  • Eyes: It is not uncommon for bathers to notice red, burning, and bloodshot eyes after soaking in a chemically treated environment. The same chemicals that eliminate bacteria in the water can also be an irritant to the eyes. 
  • Skin: Your skin is the largest organ in your body. When exposed to warm water, the pores in the skin open and can make your system more susceptible to the chemicals in a traditional hot tub. Exposure to chemicals can cause skin irritations such as rash, and can also dry out your skin. 
  • Immune System: There is some evidence to suggest that long-term exposure to harmful chemicals such as bromine and chlorine can have an impact on the immune system over time. It may also lead to long-term health problems such as cancer, damage to internal organs (specifically the kidney and liver), fertility problems, and more. 


A Chemical-Free Environment

While the technology for a chemical-free environment has been around for a long time, many hot tub retailers still sell tubs with traditional sanitation systems because they are cheaper to produce and also provide the retailer with continual income through water treatment sales. However, as both the retailer and manufacturer of our hot tubs, we are able to skip the middle man to build and sell a better hot tub at a more affordable price. We have rethought nearly every element of our spas from filtration to sanitation to create a chemical-free environment that is also quieter, more energy-efficient, and easier to maintain. 


Rethinking Filtration

The amount of debris that can collect in a hot tub over time can be surprising. Hair, oils from the skin, lint, dead skin, and hair and skin care products can rest on the surface of the water in a hot tub. Over time, this residue will either float to the sides of the hot tub and create a dirty ring, or sink to the bottom causing clogs in the drains. Our solution is 24-hour filtration with skimming technology to continually remove residue from the surface of the tub. 

While other hot tubs utilize the same pump for both running the jets and filtering the tub, we have taken filtration a step further by operating with a dual pump system. The pump that is used to filter the tub 24 hours per day is separate from the jet pump. Not only is the circulation pump silent, but it also costs less to run, even though it is running continuously. This way, if you are enjoying other areas of your yard or you want a quiet soaking experience without running the jets, you never have to listen to the sound of pump. 

Our aim is to keep the tub ready at any time for you to jump in. 24/7 filtration plus steady temperature control means that you can use your tub any time of the day or night without increasing your energy bills. The water is always hot, clean, and ready to go. 


Ozone, the Wind River Spas Way

While proper filtration is essential, our ozone injection process is what makes us truly stand out from other hot tub manufacturers. We have found the perfect solution for our tubs to make sure the customer is getting the most out of their money while also having access to the best active oxygen technology. Our corona discharge generator allows steady production of ozone, or O3, for 5 years without degeneration or loss of production. At the end of the 5 years, it only costs about $50 to rebuild the Ozonator for another 5 years of consistent ozone production. Compare this to a traditional UV light bulb that lasts 2 years, produces half the ozone, and degrades over time.

Our ozonators are aided by the use of dry shock which is used only after you get out of the tub. A teaspoon after each soak will help to eliminate any residue that is left behind so that bacteria doesn’t have anything to feed on. This dry shock is cheap and will burn off quickly allowing you to enjoy another chemical-free soak within a couple of hours. 

As people become more aware of what they are putting in or on their bodies, it has become important to be committed to healthier solutions. At Wind River Spas, we care about the health of our customers, and we also don’t want customers to have to pay exorbitant fees for items that should be standard for every spa. We have thought through every facet of hot tub ownership and maintenance to find ways that we can make hot-tubbing healthier and more affordable. For more information about 24/7 filtration, and the ozonation process, visit our resources page.