At Wind River Spas, we are proud to bring a more natural and high-quality hot tub option for our neighbors in Denver, CO. Designed to stand up against Colorado’s harshest weather, our hot tubs can be a luxurious addition to your home. 

One of the most important features of our hot tubs is their sanitization method. All of our tubs are free from the harsh chemicals that are often found in hot tubs. This can lead to many health benefits while preventing some of the irritations and negative impacts of traditional chlorine or salt water systems. 

Why Is Hot Tub Filtration and Sanitization Important?

Both filtration and sanitization play very important roles in keeping your hot tub a safe and hygienic environment. An effective filtration system is the first line of defense, helping to trap larger debris and impurities to prevent bacteria from growing in the tub. Sanitization is equally important, killing any contaminants that could potentially lead to skin irritations or more serious health problems.  However, while sanitization is indispensable, not all methods offer the same benefits. 

What Are the Different Types of Hot Tub Sanitization?

Chemical Tubs

Chemical tubs are the most common type of hot tub, using chemical sanitizers like bromine and chlorine. These chemicals kill any bacteria or contaminants that they come into contact with, but this type of tub can come with drawbacks. Their impact on skin health, eye health, and overall well-being can add up over time, especially if you use your tub often. Plus, the ongoing cost of chemicals can be expensive and it can take a lot of time and effort to maintain the correct chemical balance in the tub. 

Salt Water Tubs

Salt water tubs work by generating chlorine through a process called electrolysis, which reduces the need for having to add chemicals directly to the tub. However, many people don’t understand that this type of system still results in having chemicals in the water. Chlorine compounds are still present in the water which can lead to some of the same negative health concerns as traditional tubs. 

Ozonator Tubs

Ozonation is the only sanitization method that results in a chemical free soak. We harness the power of ozone to clean your water without leaving you to soak in a tub full of chlorine. Our ozonator splits oxygen molecules to produce ozone which is a powerful oxidizer. This process quickly eliminates any impurities it comes into contact with. Our ozone injector infuses ozone gas into the water to give you a clean soaking experience free from all of the drawbacks of other systems. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Choosing a Chemical Free Tub?

Improved Skin Health

Have you ever enjoyed a soak in a hot tub on vacation only to find yourself with an itchy rash the next day? It was likely that this discomfort came as a result of harsh chemicals or their byproducts. Chemicals like chlorine are not good for the skin, stripping them of their natural oils and leading to dryness and irritation. Chemical-free hot tubs that use ozone gas are much gentler on the skin.

Eye Health

Red, itchy eyes after a soak in the hot tub are a common complaint from chemical tub users. This irritation is caused by the chemicals and toxic byproducts which create a harsh environment for sensitive eyes. By opting for a chemical free tub, you can maintain your eye health while you relax.

Respiratory Health

The fumes emanating from chemical hot tubs do not promote respiratory health. When chlorine mixes with sweat, urine, and body oils, it forms chloramines, a chemical irritant that can affect the lungs. Chloramines produce that nostalgic “pool” smell, but can actually be a sign of dirty water. These byproducts can be especially troublesome for individuals with asthma or other respiratory conditions. With chemical-free tubs, you’ll be able to sidestep this issue. While your tub may not smell like the pool you remember from your childhood, this is a good thing and will lead to a much healthier soaking environment.

Immune System Health

Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals can have an impact on your overall immune system health over time. By getting rid of these chemicals, you can help support your immune system, improving circulation and helping your body to remove waste and bring your cells the nutrients they need.  

Improved Circulatory and Heath Health

Warm water therapy in general can help to improve circulatory and heart health. Chemical free tubs can give you all of these benefits without all of the downsides of exposing your body to harmful chemicals.

Improved Hair Health

Just like skin, hair can also suffer in a chemically treated hot tub. The harsh substances can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle. A chemical-free tub can help to protect your hair, allowing it to maintain its natural hydration and health.

Improved Overall Health

Soaking in warm water has been used for many years to help reduce stress, alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, and promote better sleep. By choosing a chemical-free hot tub, you can have all of these benefits without soaking toxic chemicals in through your pores. Our hot tubs can promote overall health, leaving you feeling rejuvenated without the side effects. 

Choosing a Healthier Way to Soak

At Wind River Spas, we want our tubs to be a part of your healthier way of life. As you look for ways to support your health, we love being able to offer you a chemical-free way to enjoy warm water therapy. 

If you are looking for a purer and more natural soaking experience, we would love to help you find the right tub for you and your family! Contact us online or call us at (303) 789-2656 for more information.