Filtration is one of the most important features of a hot tub. Most hot tubs use a 2-speed time clock system. That means the pumps used to push water through the jets are programmed to turn on for several hours a day. This can cause several problems including pump failure, high utility bills, more chemical usage, and the need to change the water more frequently.  Wind River uses a continuous clean filtration. The more powerful pumps are reserved for pushing water through the jets and a smaller fractional horsepower pump is used to continuously draw water through the filter.

• You save money on utility bills since the smaller pump runs at a fraction of the cost of running a larger pump on a preprogrammed cycle.
• The risk of a scum line is nearly non-existent and the need for harsh sanitizing spa chemicals is greatly reduced because there is constant movement in the water.
• The circulating pump is virtually silent so it is possible to “just soak” without the noise of a larger pump.
• The average length of time between changing water in a Wind River Spa is about 6 months.
• Many hot tub manufacturers offer continuous clean filtration as an add-on and charge up to $1100, but it is a standard feature on ALL of the 36 models produced by Wind River.

Wind River Spas Breakthrough Filtration System

The Wind River Spas superior filtration system was created to give our customers the easiest and most chemical free maintenance schedule possible. Designed with you in mind, this system will save you the effort of continually checking and adjusting your spas chemical levels and also hundreds of dollars in the process. You are getting the best filtration the market has to offer.  Here is how it works:


The 24 hour continuous clean circulation pump is the key to the whole system. The pump is designed to turn over the entire body of water every 8-10 minutes which gives you 100% filtration every half hour.

Skimmer Basket

Our hot tubs have a telescopic filter basket that pulls in and traps all solid debris such as oils, lotions, bugs, hair, lint. You don’t have to clean or replace the filter as often because the basket keeps all solid debris away from the filter.  This alone can save you hundreds of dollars a year.


All Wind River Spas models use the most common filter in spa industry.  It is a 50 sq ft. filter that is designed to capture all the lotions and oils that pass through the basket. The filter sits just underneath the skimmer basket and is very easy to remove and clean by pulling the skimmer basket out to access the filter.

Wind Rivers Ozone System

Wind River uses an ozone system to sanitize our spas. The Del Industries MCD-50 Corona Discharge ozonator splits the oxygen molecule and produces the extremely powerful oxidizer Ozone, which eliminates impurities on contact.

Ozone Injector

Wind River Spas uses the patented Mazzei Ozone Injector which injects the ozone gas into the water via a vacuum.  The mixture is sent through a 10 foot mixing line to keep the ozone gas mixing with the water.