If you live in Colorado, you are probably used to the long winters. A few feet of snow in the mountains just means better skiing in the high country, and you barely feel the cold after several months of freezing temperatures. Hot tubs are perfect for relaxing your muscles after a day of skiing or shoveling snow, but what do you do when the heat arrives? Can you still benefit from your hot tub when it already feels like an oven outside? We have a few ideas and tricks for enjoying your Wind River Spas hot tub year-round. 

Take Advantage of Mornings and Evenings

In Colorado, even when the days are hot, the mornings and evenings can be cool and comfortable. You can ease your aching muscles and help your mind relax after a day of working or hiking in the mountains by waiting to soak until after the sun goes down. A soak in the hot tub can also be a great way to great way to get your body ready for an active day because the warm water improves blood flow and can get your brain working almost as good as a cup of coffee. Hot tubs can be part of a healthy lifestyle, even in the middle of summer if you are creative about how to use them. 

Save it for a Rainy Day

In Colorado, there’s no such thing as a warm rain storm. Even in the middle of summer, when the clouds come and the rain starts falling, it cools off and you get a break from the heat. As long as there isn’t a lot of thunder and lightning, a rainstorm is a great time to get out and enjoy your hot tub. The rain drops will feel refreshing when you’re soaking in a nice warm tub. 

The good news about Wind River Spas products is that they are always ready for a spontaneous soak. 24/7 filtration and continual temperature control mean that the hot tub is always clean, hot, and ready to go. All of this is accomplished while also using less energy. So when the rainstorm comes, you can jump right in without waiting for your hot tub to heat up. 

Set the Temperature!

During the winter, you may want to have your hot tub set anywhere from 100℉ to 104℉. However, during the summer you can set the temperature lower so that soaking, even during warmer weather, can still be refreshing. Our touch screen at Wind River Spas makes it easy to raise and lower the temperature in seconds. You can set it lower during the summer. 

When it’s hot outside, your hot tub will also be subject to the heat. Even when your hot tub is set to a lower temperature, it can still rise to a temperature that is similar to what is outside. You can cool things down by adding cold water from your hose. The kids will love running through the sprinkler and then warming up in the tub!

Maximize Hot Tub Enjoyment with Outdoor Landscaping

Our hot tubs are built to withstand the sun and snow of Colorado’s climate. That means you can have it out in the sun without worrying about cracks. However, if you want to utilize your hot tub during the summer, you can think about designing your backyard retreat to give you some shade for your hot tubbing. Depending on how you plan on using the space, you can consider more permanent ideas like a pergola or a gazebo. Or you could invest in more flexible options like a shade canopy or an umbrella. That way, you can have protection from the sun when you need it, but you can take it away to enjoy stargazing or a rain shower. 

Plan a Hot Tub Party

Your hot tub can be the centerpiece of a great summer get-together. Plan something after the sun goes down so you can enjoy a soak in the hot tub with your friends under the stars. You can cool off in between soaks with lawn games and a few ice-cold drinks. 

One of the best parts about owning a chemical-free hot tub is all of the health benefits that come with a daily soak. They are known to loosen tight muscles, reduce swelling, lower stress levels, improve sleep, and lower your blood pressure. You don’t want to lose all of these benefits during the summer months! If you have a hot tub that you love, you should be able to use it 365 days out of the year. There are a lot of creative ways to use a Wind River Spa, especially since they are always ready to go. When summer weather approaches and the sun feels a little warmer, you can still find time every day for a nice soak in your spa.