Owning a hot tub is all about soaking and relaxing, as well as enjoying some fun time with your spouse or your friends. At least that’s what most people believe, and it’s true that part of it is all about that. You can relax, enjoy some health benefits that are actually tried and tested through scientific means, as well as socialize and have a lot of fun.

However, hot tubs are not indestructible, and the water can’t be cycled through forever without being replaced. Your hot tub will actually begin to foam when the hot tub retains water that is old and that has been mixed with certain bath products or cosmetic products.

The reason why it foams is the same reason why your bathwater foams when you put some shampoo or soap into it. However, just like it’s not a good idea to keep heating up and using the same bathwater, the same is true for hot tubs.

If your hot tub is foaming, that’s generally a sign that it’s time to replace the water, clean the tub and perform some maintenance checks. If you’re not too tech-savvy, consider having an expert look at the filter and pump as well, and make sure that the system is running smoothly before you use your hot tub again.  Be sure to check the hot tubs that are made in Colorado for Colorado at https://windriverspas.com/ before you buy your next hot tub.