Hot tubs have certainly evolved a lot since their initial appearance on the market. They now have better insulation, which certainly can reduce costs. Moreover, they are low maintenance, which can save you a lot of time and efforts.  You can look for Denver hot tub reviews to make sure you are getting the best in performance.

We could mention here the fact that back in the 1990s, there was practically no insulation available for hot tubs. It was in 1992 that foam insulation started to be used for tubs and their pipes, in order to make them more efficient.

Later on, in 2000, a special thermal shield was introduced. This helped remediate leaks and similar problems. Due to this innovation, the motor was allowed to breathe, which helped prevent overheating or water pipes’ failure.

Self-cleaning hot tubs were another innovation which brought a lot of joy to customers. Nowadays you can even make your own hot tub cinema. We can refer here to the so-called “spa-mounted televisions”, which can be safely installed on the edge of a hot tub or a spa. They can be waterproof and are usually equipped with a waterproof remote controller, which certainly makes the whole experience even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some other good options include wall-mounted televisions or projectors. These are more affordable ways of turning your hot tub area into a home cinema.