Comfort and relaxation are our top goals when it comes to hot tub design. Of course, everyone’s idea of comfort is different, which is why our team at Wind River Spas is dedicated to offering the most diverse accessories, jets, and seating options on the market. Whether you prefer a more laid-back approach to your spa experience, or you want upright seating so that you can experience the relaxation of your spa while engaging with friends and family, we have options that cater to your specific needs. 

Our tubs feature several different types of versatile seating that give you the ability to relax on your own terms. You can view the Build Your Tub section of our website to view all of the seating layouts and jet packages that we offer. On our site, you can choose a combination of lounger seating, Adirondack chairs, whirlpool retreats, bucket seating, and bench seating. 

The Lounger
Our lounger seating is one of the most relaxing and indulgent features available in our hot tubs. With our lounger, you can lay back and enjoy massaging jets that target your feet, calves, back, neck, and hands. This seating is perfect following a day of high stress or physical activity. It perfectly targets the areas where many people experience tension, and the combination of our jets and the warm water will leave your muscles feeling soothed and your body feeling relaxed. 

Adirondack Chair
Our second full-body jet and massage option is our Adirondack Chair. This seating option allows you to experience all of the benefits of our lounger while also being able to be in a more upright position. This is perfect for when you want to combine full-body indulgence with the chance to chat with a friend, enjoy a refreshing beverage, or take in your beautiful Colorado surroundings. 

Whirlpool Retreat
Our whirlpool retreat seating is the perfect way to enjoy your own personal whirlpool within the tub. You can have the option of switching between a soothing massage for your neck and back, or gentle swirling waters that transport you to a place of ultimate relaxation. This is the best kind of seating if you want to enjoy your own personal hideaway within your tub. Everything from the comfortable seating to the soothing sound of swirling water is designed for your comfort. 

Bucket Seating
When you want to accommodate more people in your hot tub or provide an alternative to the full-body jets of the Lounger and Adirondack chairs, you can consider a hot tub that includes our standard bucket seating. These upright seats include jets that target sore muscles and can be controlled at the touch of a button. 

Bench Seating
Bench seating is ideal for hot tub users that want more mobility inside the tub. They can be great for families with children and they are ideal for get-togethers when multiple people are getting in and out of the tub. 

Our tubs can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 7 adults, and each will feature a mixture of our available seating options. You can speak to a friendly staff member from Wind River Spas to find out which tub has the seating that you need. 

Additional Features
When we build our tubs, safety is one of our top concerns. We make our tubs easy to get in and out of without slipping with our wide step entrance. Our tubs also have a roomy and open design to allow for plenty of foot space, even with the maximum amount of adults enjoying the spa. Finally, we excel at the small touches that make our spa designs truly unique and special such as foot jets, ergonomic seating, comfortable headrests, and much more. We are confident that our tubs are just what our customers in Colorado need for making their homes a relaxing retreat. 

When you work with us, you have the option of choosing a tub design with anywhere from 14 jets to a whopping 62 jets. Whatever package you choose, you are sure to come away with the perfect solution for your home and family. At Wind River Spas, we know everything about our hot tubs and our goal is to match the right hot tub to your family. If you are overwhelmed by the options and you aren’t sure which tub best fits your lifestyle and budget, give us a call. We will help you find the right seating and jets package for your needs, all within your price range.