Gravel is an excellent choice for a hot tub base. It’s relatively cost-effective and easy to install, plus it’s very good for drainage. This is important because you need to make sure any rain water or overspill from your hot tub is able to drain away from the base. And unlike concrete, gravel won’t crack over time.


How to build a gravel pad for a hot tub

You can't just place a hot tub on loose gravel; you need to build a wooden frame to contain it first. Then, calculate how many cubic yards of gravel you'll need, accounting for at least 4 inches of gravel. Finally, you pour the gravel into the frame and tamp it down to compact it until it forms a solid base.

Site Preparations produced a very detailed guide on how to build a gravel base. It's for a shed, but the basic idea is the same:

What type of gravel is best for a hot tub base?

Although it's often called a gravel pad, it's important that you use crushed stone, and not pea gravel or river stone. Actual gravel is smooth and rounded which means it won't lock into place properly, and will be able to shift around under your spa. Crushed stone on the other hand is jagged and textured, which is what allows it to form a solid base when compacted.

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