Outdoor hot tubs have a bad reputation for being affected by the weather, especially if they’re older or they weren’t so sturdy to begin with. This is a pretty serious issue, since a hot tub that is affected by cold weather in a place like Denver can become damaged beyond repair at some point. So you definitely have to look into the matter before the arrival of the winter season, if you don’t want the freeze to affect your hot tub.


One of the first things you need to do is buy a cover. A good hot tub cover from one of the hot tub dealers in Denver will protect the water from freezing and defend the materials that are most frequently used to hold the water from cracking or being damaged in any way.


Aside from getting a cover, you have to check on your hot tub frequently. Leaving it out in the winter without checking on it occasionally is not a good idea. To make sure your hot tub doesn’t malfunction, check the water levels regularly, keep it clean, and stock up on any supplies you might need for it.


Finally, it’s important to prevent the pipes feeding water to your hot tub from freezing. If the hot tub is outdoor, there will be pipes moving to it, and the water inside can freeze and break or crack the pipes during periods of intense cold. Consider covering them with thermal insulation or using heat cables to keep them at a temperature above freezing at all times.