relaxing summer hot tub soak

Knowing how to use your hot tub spa Denver climate and take proper care of it while you’re not using it should be among the most essential things you learn before buying one. It’s right up there with the cleaning and maintenance requirements, and it cannot be ignored.


While using it, adjust the temperature and jets to the setting of your choice and simply relax, while soaking in the tub and forgetting your worries. You can use it for relaxation and meditation, as well as therapy sessions for your back, a relaxing Sunday spent outdoors with your family or even a late night party with your friends, a few beers, some underwater LED lights and a couple of waterproof Bluetooth speakers to set the mood.


In terms of what to do when your hot tub is not in use, it’s obvious from the start that when you’re not using your hot tub in the summer, you should still leave it on. Even though some might say that it’s a waste of electricity to do so, simply turning off the jets and leaving your hot tub at a relatively stable temperature setting is enough. If you were to turn it off entirely or drain it, you’d actually be using up more power and water whenever you needed to turn it back on and use it.


While your hot tub is not in use, out in the back yard, you should keep the cover on, especially in the autumn and winter. Birds and insects can make their way to it, as can fallen leaves and small branches that are blown in that direction by the wind.