Hot tub owners should make every effort necessary to keep them in good state. And this includes summertime maintenance as well.

Because hot tubs are created to retain heat, they sometimes tend to overdo that. For instance, when the filtration cycles are running for longer periods of time under excessively high temperatures, the hot tub can overheat and automatically shut down.

Therefore, you need to adjust filtration settings and thus make sure that your hot tub does not exceed its maximum temperatures during the hot summer days. First, you have to make sure your tub is in filtration mode. Secondly, you should set your tub during the coolest periods of day or night. The minimum filtration time should be that of one hour.

It is also important to open the cover regularly, and thus avoid any heat-up of the tub’s system. At the same time, you should remember to return to the normal filtration settings when the weather gets cooler, i.e. in late summer or at the beginning of fall.

No matter if your tub’s temperature goes down during the hot season, you still have to verify and maintain your hot tub every couple of weeks. You may also want to ask your professional dealer at about a general inspection of your hot tub.