Do you ever find yourself looking at the big, empty space in your backyard and wishing you could fill it with a hot tub? With all of the information available, how do you even start to find a hot tub that’s the right fit for your home and your family? We would love to point you in the right direction and help you with some of the decisions, big and small, that you might have to make when you decide to buy a hot tub. 

Should You Choose Salt Water, Chlorine, Or Ozone? 

We’ll start with the biggest decision you’ll have to make when you’re searching for a hot tub. Purification is one of the most debated hot tub topics. There is a lot of misinformation out there because a lot of hot tub retailers have to do their best to sell products regardless of whether they are actually the best option for the customer. It’s complicated even more by the fact that most retailers can’t even afford to keep up with the best hot tub technology because the margins are too small in higher quality products. 

The goal of most people is to be able to have a soak in a hot tub that isn’t full of toxic chemicals. Chemicals like chlorine can seep in through your pores and cause health problems such as skin and eye irritation and dry hair. Chlorine also has a lower boiling point, so it will end up in the hot tub steam and can irritate your lungs. 

So what gives you the most chemical-free soak: saltwater tubs, chlorine tubs, or ozone water purification tubs? Saltwater systems often get promoted as having fewer chemicals and being healthier on your skin. However, the same chlorine that is used in traditional hot tubs is also produced in salt water hot tubs. Plus, they often have to be shocked by large amounts of chlorine. 

The only way to have a soak that is free from harsh chemicals is to purchase a hot tub that uses an ozonator. The only chemicals that are used in this type of system are a teaspoon of dry shock after each soak that will burn off before you use the tub again. At Wind River Spas, ozonators are installed on all of our tubs. 

Hot Tub Size

After choosing your purification system, you will want to choose your hot tub size. Smaller hot tubs are more affordable, but won’t be as versatile. If you have a small household and you don’t plan on having many guests use your hot tub, you can choose a 2-person hot tub. Larger hot tubs can seat up to 8 people at a time and there are many options in between. Take your time to think about how you want to use your hot tub and what your budget looks like. 

Hot Tub Jets

Hot tub jets are another big topic of conversation when you’re choosing a spa. Jets can contribute a lot to your overall experience with your hot tub. They can target a few key pressure points on your body or even give you a full body massage with every soak. If you want the most luxurious experience possible, you can choose a hot tub with jets on your shoulders, back, legs, feet, and even hands. Hot tubs can come with lounge seating, whirlpool seating, bucket seating, bench seating, or a combination of all four. At Wind River Spas, you can choose anywhere from 14-62 jets with a variety of seating options.

Additional Hot Tub Features

Sometimes it’s the little things that will really set your new hot tub apart. Once you know the basics of your hot tub, you’ll get to choose the extras. LED constellation lighting can make every soak unique. You’ll get to choose from an array of colors depending on your mood. A waterfall can add to the relaxing ambience of your tub. Digital controls can make it easy to set the temperature and jets. Bluetooth capabilities will allow you to listen to your favorite soundtrack or podcast while you soak. The possibilities are endless! 

Our Build & Price Tub at Wind River Spas

At Wind River Spas, there’s an easy way to explore all of your different options. Our Build A Spa lets you experiment with different combinations of all the options we’ve talked about above. You can customize your tub and get prices as many times as you want without any pressure or obligation. Go ahead and take a look at our Build & Price Tub page!

If you’re in the market for a hot tub, there can be a lot of choices to make. At Wind River Spas, we have all of the options you need with the benefit of a chemical-free soak. Contact us today by calling, or visiting our online store!