While Valentine’s Day may be over, that doesn’t mean that the romance has to stop. Every season brings unique opportunities to enjoy the unique ambience that your hot tub can bring to your home. At Wind River Spas in Denver, CO, we have put together a list of date ideas that can put your hot tub to good use during every season of the year while also keeping the romance alive with that special someone.


Snowy Soak

There is something about a snowy day mixed with a hot tub that can make for a very cozy date night in. If you don’t feel like braving the icy roads on a snowy evening but you still want a chance to connect, you probably already have everything you need for a romantic snowy soak. Enjoy the chill winter air by soaking in your tub together while watching the snow fall. To extend the evening and to keep the chill at bay, have plush blankets, socks, and hot chocolate ready for when you step out of the tub. Spend some time chatting about your day or cuddle on the couch for a romantic movie. 

Chocolate Tasting

If you and your loved one both have a sweet tooth, why not round off any evening with a quick soak in the tub and a chocolate tasting? Get a selection of chocolate candies from rich dark chocolates to creamy milk varieties and everything in between and take turns sampling chocolates while you soak. The combination of warm water and sweet treats can indulge your senses and create a unique and romantic experience. If you want to make the evening extra special, you can decorate your outdoor space with some white lights and red roses and play some relaxing or romantic music to set the tone. 


Sunrise Soak

Check the weather forecast for the first warmer, spring morning and plan a sunrise soak to greet the spring. You and your date can start the day immersed in warm water while watching the colors of the sunrise. It can be a good time to reconnect before the busyness of the day starts and can set a positive tone for the day. After your soak, you can plan to have a relaxed breakfast with some of your favorite foods like pastries and mimosas.

See the Stars

Spring nights in Colorado can offer some of the clearest skies. Pick a day with a clear forecast in the evening, and head out to the hot tub once the sky is completely dark. Settle into the warm water and let the stars be the perfect backdrop for your conversation. See if you can find spring constellations such as Leo and Virgo. If you have a telescope, set it out next to a blanket and some warm clothes so you can look more closely at the stars after your soak. 


Soak and Barbeque

Summer is a perfect time for a barbeque and it can also be the best season for enjoying balmy evenings. Set aside a special evening for just you and your significant other that includes all of your favorite grilled foods. You can stick to the classics or you can have fun grilling different foods to see if they taste good: grilled s’mores anyone? Once the sun has gone down and the temperature has, too, you can hop in the hot tub and enjoy the balmy summer air and some good conversation. 

Midnight Movie

Summer nights provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor midnight movie from the comfort of your hot tub. Transform your backyard into your own private cinema by setting up a projector. You can start the movie while you are in the tub and prepare a comfortable viewing area with some popcorn, soda, and other snacks that you can enjoy once you are done with your soak. It can be a great way to share a good film and enjoy the beautiful summer night air at the same time. 


Harvest Moon

Fall’s Harvest Moon can be the perfect setting for a straightforward but memorable hot tub date. When the moon is at its fullest, it can make the fall evening bright and beautiful, giving you the only background you need for a romantic soak. You can keep things simple or you can add a playlist of your favorite nostalgic fall music. Talk to your date about some of their favorite fall memories and enjoy some fall-themed snacks and a cup of coffee together after your soak. 

Craft Beer and Cider Tasting

You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy Oktoberfest. For a laid-back fall date, try a craft beer and cider tasting right after your soak. The changing season is a perfect time to sample some of the rich flavors of autumn through a variety of seasonal brews. You can choose a few options that highlight the taste of fall like pumpkin, apple, and spice. Pair your drinks with some simple snacks that can enhance the flavor such as nuts, bread, pretzels, or chocolatey snacks that help balance out strong, seasonal flavors. 

At Wind River Spas in Denver, CO, we’re dedicated to helping you create unforgettable moments with your loved one, year-round. Whether it’s a serene sunrise soak or a cozy winter escape, our hot tubs offer the perfect setting for every romantic occasion. For more information about our line of hot tubs, contact us or call us at (303) 789-2656.