Hot Tub Hygiene Clean

Hot tubs that last for decades are properly taken care of and maintained. Otherwise, they might break down pretty quick. One of the main things to consider for protecting your hot tub is how frequently you should drain it completely and fill it up with fresh water. If proper hygiene is observed and the hot tub is operating at peak efficiency, then you will only have to drain it about once every 3-4 months.


Some of the maintenance tasks you should consider will need to include:


  • Testing and adjusting your spa’s water balance;
  • Airing out the cover at least once per week if the spa is not in use;
  • Cleaning the spa filter once every 1-2 weeks depending on its quality level and how frequently you use the hot tub;
  • Adding more water as needed so you can keep the spa full at all times.


An additional and very important maintenance task has to do with keeping the water clean. A lot of times, we might jump into the water wearing cosmetics and using products that are chemical-based, and that’s not very good for the health of our spa. Those chemicals can’t easily be filtered out, so if you use them too often, you will need to drain the spa more frequently. Make sure that you and anyone else using your hot tub will apply proper hygiene before doing so.  If you need further help with the maintenance of your hot tub be sure to talk with a local hot tub store Denver has, as they are experts when it comes to maintaining them.