Electrical Requirements

All connections must be made in accordance with the wiring diagram found on the inside of the control box cover. Connections must be made with copper connections only – do not use aluminum wiring with this system. All conductors, circuit breakers and/or fuses must be sized in accordance to the total amperage load as specified.

PLEASE NOTE: If installed in the United States, the electrical wiring of the spa must meet the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC) and any applicable state or local building codes.

  • Permanently connected
  • Wind River Spas requires #6 copper wire for the two hot leg and neutral leg connection on the spa. The copper wire for the ground should follow the National Electric Code and is not required to be #6 copper like the other three wires.
  • Fuse or circuit breaker size: 50 amp
  • All spas require a GFCI protected unit

This equipment is designed to operate an 60Hz alternating current only at a voltage of 240 (+ or -). Units to be operated at 240V must have all connections made by a qualified electrician in accordance with all electric codes in effect at the time of installation. All 240V units require four wires (line 1, line 2, neutral and ground). Refer to the label at the terminal block.