When you slip into your Wind River Spa after a stressful day at work, one of the last things you want is for your hot tub to demand attention through noisy pumps and an excessively loud filtration system. You want to be able to enjoy the ambiance that you have worked so hard to create around your hot tub, whether it is the view of Colorado’s outdoor landscape or the quiet backyard retreat that you carefully planned and executed. At Wind River Spas, we have worked tirelessly to bring you luxurious options that blend in perfectly to the environment while providing countless ways to customize your spa to suit your particular needs. Here is a comprehensive guide to our hot tubs that will give you the information you need and help you choose the right jet package and other features. 

Features that Are Available With All Models

Whether you are looking for a more basic model or you want as many features as are available, all of the options at Wind River Spas have the same unique filtration and purification systems, durable shell, protective covers, and exceptional insulation. 

Filtration and Purification

All of our models combine ozonation with a filtration system that has been designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. The result is a quiet and peaceful chemical-free soak, every time. Unlike traditional spas which share a pump for both the jets and the filter, the filtration system on a Wind River Spa runs 24/7 on a smaller, quieter pump that uses less energy while continually skimming hair, lint, oils, and more from the top of the water. With this superior combination, spa owners only need to add a teaspoon of dry shock after each soak, which burns away completely after 2-3 hours, leaving the water clean and chemical-free before the next use. Ozone technology has come a long way over the last two decades, and today the customers of Wind River Spas can enjoy a soak in completely chemical-free water that is clean, clear, healthy, and easy to maintain.

Hot Tub Shell

Every model will come with a Lucite Acrylic Shell. This material is thicker than traditional hot tub shells, and it allows for changes in temperature without developing cracks or damage over time. The shell is sprayed with a combination of mortar and fibers to make the surface resistant to UV damage. This way, the hot tub can be placed safely in a sunny location without fear of damaging the spa or voiding your warranty. You can choose a variety of colors for both the shell and skirt that perfectly fit your aesthetic. You can view all of these options and more with our Build A Spa feature on our website. 


While many retailers sell covers separately, the unprecedented design of Wind River Spas products has led to the development of our equally unrivaled cover solution. To make shopping for a hot tub easier and to help protect every spa that leaves our warehouse, each purchase comes with a spa cover. The Wind River Spas distinctive Patented Welded Seam Sealing Process ensures that each hot tub gets the highest level of protection without zippers that fall apart or leak over time. 

These covers are also designed specifically for Colorado weather. The laminated foam core provides protection from even heavy snowfalls while still maintaining the perfect temperature inside the spa. They are also tapered to allow for water run-off, and every cover comes with child safety locks. 

5-Stage Insulation

Colorado can be cold, and mountain residents can experience a plethora of challenges including pets, rodents, snowfall, drastically changing temperatures, 300 days of sunshine, and heavy precipitation. A better method of insulation was needed to protect spas from freezes, keep the rodents and other animals at bay, and maintain a pristine appearance. Full foam insulation can be a perfect place for pests to settle in for the winter, and it can also make it more difficult to repair the tub. 

We use a 5-stage insulation process that is unique to our tubs. We start with an insulating foam that is 10 times denser than traditional hot tub foam. We then include an air cavity that allows for heat to stay trapped in the unit while providing complete access to the hot tubs systems. We then add a layer of bead-board insulating foam to keep air from leaking out of the cavity as well as a plastic vapor barrier. Finally, we add a molded plastic base that is perfectly designed to keep the critters away. Every Wind River Spas customer is protected with a three-year freeze-up warranty. 

Our Jet Packages

Choosing your jet package is one of the most exciting parts of designing your perfect spa. We have a range of jet packages that include anywhere from 14 to 62 jets. Choose your level of indulgence by researching our 5 different jet packages. 

The Escape and Fitness Models 

Our Escape and Fitness models are our baseline models, with 14 and 28 jets respectively. Both of these models have one jet pump for everyone in the tub. It is perfect for individuals, couples, or families that don’t need multiple jet settings. This jet package offers the same relaxing jet settings for everyone in the tub. 

Storm Resort Wilderness

If you are looking for something a little more customizable, you can go with our Wilderness, Resort, or Storm models which all feature two jet pumps that can be individually adjusted to your specific comfort needs. The Wilderness has 34 jets, the Resort has 48 jets, and the Storm has 62 jets for the most luxurious soaking experience possible. The Resort and Storm models both have constellation lighting which can be controlled with convenient auxiliary controls. A soak in the tub can become a truly magical experience with this unique LED lighting that will make you feel like you are floating in the stars. These three models, along with the Fitness model, include a relaxing waterfall that will give you the comforting sound of trickling water while you enjoy your soak. You can upgrade any of these models to include Bluetooth and wireless controls.

When you purchase a tub from Wind River Spas, you are getting the highest quality tubs on the market. Quality and thoughtfulness are a part of every model and they are all built to last. With such a foolproof design, the rest is simply up to your preferences and your budget. Check out our website to find out more about our jet packages and customizable features, or contact us to speak with a Wind River Spas team member!