If you ask an expert at Wind River Spas, they can tell you that hot tubs are certainly not the same. The prices sometimes reflect those differences, although they aren’t really meant to be taken into account in that way. As with everything, you can find a great quality hot tub at a lower cost and have your brand new hot tub that you spent thousands of dollars on break down within a week.

Freak accidents aside, however, there’s no good replacement for quality materials and workmanship. As a result, hot tubs with a sturdy and well-designed shell, a resilient and structurally sound body and a reliable electric pump will last much longer than most cheaper ones. Also, the quality of the filter can lead to the water getting dirty pretty fast or remaining clean for a longer time, which will also be reflected on the surface of the shell and the number of times you have to drain your tub and clean it.

The more maintenance a hot tub needs, the more likely that something will go wrong, especially if you don’t keep up with the maintenance. Also, the number of jets and the accuracy and reliability of the thermostat will weigh in strongly when it comes to how well your hot tub can keep you comfortable and healthy.