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We purchased our first ever spa from Wind River after researching and visiting a variety of companies and brands. The team at Wind River Spas was patient, helpful and overall great to work with, and being a Colorado based company where all production and service is done locally made our decision easy.

The team did an excellent job communicating with us and setting expectations regarding the spa selection, delivery and follow up. And the spa is awesome. Exactly what we ordered and incredibly comfortable and relaxing. We love relaxing in the chemical free environment, and would definitely purchase from Wind River again.

Kalli & Dustin
Denver, CO

Rick,  next week will mark 2 years since you installed our hot tub. Lyndy and I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed this tub.  On average, we use it five nights a week the entire year.  The only time we don't use it the tub is if it is windy, raining hard, or below 0 degrees (yea, we're soft). 

The filtration system that you use allows us to soak each night without having to worry about itchy skin when we get out.  The tub is very easy to maintain too. I rinse the filter once a week. The water stays sparkling clean.

The insulation that you use has helped to keep the monthly electric bills down.  During the winter months, we probably spend about a $1 a day to run the tub.  Summer time is less. You have made a great product! 

Mark and Lyndy Lubbers
Longmont CO


We were relaxing in our Sierra model Wind River Spa last night and as I was getting a wonderful massage on my broken neck and torn shoulder from a snowmobile wreck last winter, I realized that we have had a perfect experience with our spa.  It was installed in September, 2007 at our home in Winter Park and it has performed flawlessly ever since.  The inside finish has stayed as new, all the circulating jets still work, the pumps are as strong as ever, and the exterior finish still looks good.  The spa cover still looks nearly new as I treat it a couple of time a year with a vinyl conditioner and 3M "303" protectorant.  I run the spa continuously 365 days a year maintaining a constant 104 degree temperature while we are here, otherwise it is set at 60 degrees.  The low speed circulating pump is an energy saving feature I appreciate and is probably one of the reasons the high speed pumps have performed so well.  If other spas perform this well, hats off to them, but I am one happy person who decided to purchase your spa nearly eight years ago.  Best wishes for your continued success.

Jim McCullough
Winter Park, Co


I Just wanted to say Thank You for a great buying experience, it was so refreshing dealing with quality sales people, service techs and an owner who takes the time to check in on his clients.  We have been loving the spa and as you promised everything was installed according to schedule.  I would be more than happy to recommend Wind River Spas to my friends and family.  You have a built a quality product and exceeded my expectations, thanks again.

Jason Bennett
Sedalia, CO


I’m an engineer, so it goes without saying I’m a little OCD and tend to do a lot of research before purchasing any major items (to the annoyance of my family). Wind River Spas are by far the best match for what I was looking for in the tub. And this is my second one. I communicated directly with the owner who was extremely responsive. We were able to agree on the features, the price and the delivery and the installers went above and beyond the call of duty hauling the tub into my basement through the window well. Cannot recommend these guys enough and will definitely do business with them again.

Gene Maine
Erie, CO


Hi Rick,

I did want to take a moment to commend you on the delivery crew.   They were both very professional, helpful and efficient in the delivery of the spa.  Bobby took the time to go over the basics of the spa with me, and I would give both of them very high marks.  I know how difficult it is to higher dedicated professional people to do the job you need to have completed, as I too find struggle to find competent employees and then keep them.  Please pass along my satisfaction to the crew and let them know how much I appreciate all they did in delivering our new spa.

BTW, I am also very pleased with the appearance of the “reconditioned spa”.  It looks completely new, and it is difficult to convince anyone looking at it that the unit is not new.  Good job Wind River Spas, I can give you very high marks all the way around.

Jim Burt
Durango, CO.



We ordered a Fortitude spa from Wind River for our new home and we couldn't be happier with the purchase.  Everyone from the company that we dealt with through the purchase was very nice and extremely helpful which is really important in big transactions such as these.  The spa was ready and delivered on our agreed upon date and the guys had it up and running in less than 45 minutes.  The spa was our very first purchase during the renovations of our new home and having it there to relax in every night makes having my whole house torn up much more bearable.  Everything in the spa works great and we love that you can change the jet pressure for each seat individually.  We are also loving that the spa has no chemical smell whatsoever.  All that and it looks great in our back yard.  Long story short; we love our Wind River Spa!

Brian & Amber Manning
Boulder, CO

I am a returning Wind River Spa owner and extremely happy with the service during sales, delightful delivery crew, and best spa experience overall. My husband is a first time owner and has enjoyed the no chemical odor and the flexibility of the jets and seat accommodations. We look forward to our tub time every day!


Andrea and Karl Decker
Golden, CO



Thanks so much for the follow-up and all the help you gave.  We tubbed for the first this afternoon.  It was perfect!  The sunroom and spa turned out exactly as we hoped.  We look forward to years of enjoyment. 

Thanks again.

Steve and Linda Kraskey
Blackhawk, CO

After a couple of years of trying to keep my old spa alive, I was finally confronted with the inevitable need to get rid of it. I really did not want a new spa but shopping on Craig's List or other sites for a used one did not appeal to me at all. I had thoughts of just not replacing the spa so before I made that decision, I spoke to Rick Hallett at Wind River Spas, who had been helping me keep my old unit alive. He told me that they sold refurbished spas that were very nice and were very affordable. I was nervous about what Refurbished meant, so I visited his factory in Lafayette and met Kevin who oversees the operation there, to see for myself what they were doing, which left satisfied that I would get something that would be as good as new. I spoke to my family and they thought we should go ahead and price out a unit, which I did and was very surprised with the cost, so I purchased the unit, which they showed me operating on their factory floor before delivering and set up at my house. They removed my old unit and made this a very easy operation. I would recommend to anybody Wind River Spas and the service that they provide. I  did recommend to a friend and he bought a new spa just this week.

Dean Italiano
Thornton, CO


Bobby & Kyle were very professional and personable and answered all of our questions as well as getting it all set up very quickly. (about 2 hours, I think) We've been using the spa almost every night.  There is nothing like watching the stars and getting totally relaxed before going to bed.  We've recommended Wind River to 2 of our friends already and will continue to do so to any who ask.We love it!

Thanks Rick,

Roy Clark
Laramie, WY


I wanted to tell you that your installation team (Bobby, Ray and Nick) did an excellent job!  They had to remove a heavy, old Marquis spa from our deck and the workload didn't phase them.  We were relieved that we didn't have to hire a crane to do the job.  They set up our new Vitalizer in a timely manner and explained all the details of operation.  They were all courteous, hard working, and efficient!  We really appreciated all of their efforts in installing our new spa.  We have really been enjoying our new hot tub.  I love the color combinations of the Tuscan Sun interior and Teak skirt.  I was also glad I could pick the color of my cover.  I chose the tan because it would show less dirt/pollen than a darker color.   We ended up buying a floor model because it was the perfect size I had been looking for, not too big and not too small and was the color that I would have selected if I had one ordered one.  We are so pleased with your company and our new Wind River Spa. 

Thank you,
Bre Lipinski
Golden, CO



Just wanted to drop you a note on our hot tub delivery today in Winter Park. Your crew called ahead and advised to their arrival time. They were right on time (if not a little early). The tub was unloaded and set in place within minutes of arrival. The crew was professional, courteous and answered all my questions. They didn't mind when I asked them to move the tub to make the electrical connection easier. They even offered suggestions as to placement. They went above and beyond to give us a good delivery. We appreciate all that was done during the entire process by the sales people and delivery crew. 

We already know how well the tubs work since we have had one at our home in Larkspur for over seven years.

I had further appreciation of Wind River this afternoon after watching a hot tub being delivered by a local company to our neighbors 1/2 a block from our place. I was drawn by a large truck noise and saw a crane truck pull up behind a new tub on a trailer behind a truck (The Spa Man).  I walked over this evening to see a new tub (smaller than ours) still wrapped and setting on a patio no different than our own, an end unit with landscape rock along the building and plenty of space. I can only imagine the cost my neighbor must have for a crane that wasn't even needed.

It's been a pleasure working with Wind River and we do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new hot tub.

Dave and Coletta Anderson
Winter Park, CO

Hi Rick,

Thank you for the information! Everything has been working great! I got the deck all put back together and it fits the spot perfect. Your recommendation for where it should go and how to orient it was spot on!! The kids have put it to use everyday since install, sleep over with friends, after swim practice, and just hanging out all seem to be good times for them to get wet! 

Thanks for all your help. 

Peter & Elizabeth Cousins
Erie, CO

Hi Rick,

The spa is awesome!!! The guys that installed it were amazing too. Very nice, professional and went over everything in great detail. You'll see in the picture that we wanted it up against our patio and the pad was installed perfectly so the tub sits exactly where we wanted it. 

The kids were so excited we used it as a pool before the water was heated all the way. Then much to our surprise it was at 104 in about 6 hours. We've used it every day and sometimes more than once. 

It has been a great experience and we are so glad we went with Wind River!!!


Eric and Tammi
Parker, Colorado


From the first time we walked in and Nelson showed us around we never felt pressured to buy.  When we made the decision to buy everyone was very helpful.  You have been extremely patient with us since we had to move our delivery so many times.  The delivery guys were fantastic.  They were very careful not to scratch or damage the shell.  They were patient explaining everything to me. We absolutely love our spa.  It was the best investment we have ever made!!!

Christie & Mark Hoff
Littleton, CO



Victor, Nick, & John just left and I wanted to let you know that they were extremely professional and handled our hot tub with skill and care that I'm sure will result in years of happy use and no nicks, dents, or chips, that I'm sure you've experienced on installation at one time or another over the years.

They really exhibited "teamwork" when rolling the tub on the cart up and around the path and again when lowering and positioning the tub for it's spot.  Victor really communicated well throughout the installation and all 3 showed interest in what Gail and I thought as far as how it finally sat on the pad and any questions regarding installation.

They called like you said they would, they called a second time getting on hwy 24 giving us time to have the electrician arrive at a perfect time, and they did a great job moving and installing the tub.  

Thanks for a great experience in evaluating, selecting, and receiving our spa.  From the resources you have on your website, the people in the showroom, and the delivery crew you did a great job!

Thank you,

Scott & Gail Applekamp
Florissant, CO



Gary and I wanted to say what a wonderful business you have in Wind River Spas.  Our spa was installed on August 6th.  We had some concerns on getting the old spa out, but your installers were so professional and very efficient.  The old came out and the new was in within minutes it seemed.  The sales process with Tyler was great as well.  You have a terrific team.   We would recommend anyone interested in a spa to come to Wind River Spas.

Gary and Nancy Harvey
Arvada, CO


We want to let you know how much we are enjoying our new hot tub. We are very happy with the looks and design.  We are also very pleased with the price as well as every company representative we dealt with. It has been our pleasure to deal with you!  Thank you! 

Ardin and Mary Kaye Hermanson
Brighton, CO

Hi Rick,

Everything went great with the spa installation. The team that came up was very professional.
Right from the start they put me at ease, letting me know it would be easy for them to get the spa off the truck and into place. My electrician wasn't able to come until Saturday morning, so they were very thorough explaining what I would need to do. I had already downloaded the users manual, so I was able to follow the instructions really well. They were a great team!

I'm really happy with the spa. Here's a few things that really stood out though.
- the cover and lifter work really well - much easier than I had expected
- the control panel was a lot easier than I thought it would be - I can even read it without my glasses!
- the ability to open and close jets is a great feature also.

I am very pleased with your company. From meeting you at your Englewood location and placing an order,
all of the way through installation, you have all done top notch work. I really feel that I've got a whole lot more of a spa
than I had anticipated at a lower cost than I had planned!

Thanks again for everything!

Dan Snook
Blackhawk, CO


I waited for a little while to post my review so I would have a more objective view of my purchase. I have now owned my Wind River hot tub for six months and I must say I am thoroughly delighted that I purchased my hot tub from Wind River. It is easy to maintain, it looks good, it's comfortable, it has a unique feature that we love (whirlpool seat) the cost to purchase and to run is more than fair, I get awesome comments from my friends and family and frankly it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. One of the most awesome features of Wind River tubs (the one my wife and I purchased) is the whirlpool seat. I can't say enough about that feature as it is so relaxing and the recliner seats and the other seats are just as awesome. We looked for a couple months for a hot tub before we made our selection and that was the same day we saw the Wind River hot tub. It was different, this was the only one with the whirlpool seat we saw out of literally over a hundred. I was also impressed with it being a local company (created, built and sold) which means the money more or less stays in our community and it's developed for our Colorado environment to help it last longer than many of the tubs mass produced from out of state. They put more into their product than the national chains. That's frankly awesome in my opinion. But on top of that is everything I looked at about Wind River was positive. They have NO bad reviews. You also have people who have had one Wind River, come back and buy a second one. (when they have moved or replaced their old one after twenty plus years) That's fantastic. They go a step above everyone else in my opinion. The owner is really a nice guy and he'll try his best to fit you into what you like and need. Take it from me, (I'm one of the biggest skeptics you'd ever meet) if you are considering a hot tub, go to Wind River, you'll be glad you did. They make a quality product and they will go out of their way to make sure your happy. I can't say enough about how happy we are regarding our purchase.

Clifford Douglas
Aurora, CO


I am thoroughly enjoying my new hot tub.  It is what I look forward to on the drive home from work.  Your staff was wonderful, from sales to installation.  Your having an electrician available was especially convenient.  You had everything set up to make the process effortless on my part.  Thank you!

I really am happy with everything.  Can’t wait for the first snow!

Thanks, Paige Kruse
Englewood, CO


We are absolutely loving our new spa.  It is everything and more that what we expected.  We didn't realize how much we missed it when the old one had problems with the controls.  We bought our 1st spa from Wind River in January of 2000.  It ran beautifully until September of 2015.  Never a problem but it did wear out, as things will do!  The new spa is a dream and so many new features.  We would never look at another spa manufacturer and tell anyone who will listen, how wonderful your product and services are!  The removal of the old spa and installation of the new spa was flawless.  This is a great company!

Lori & Stan Stokke
Larkspur, CO



We have been loving the new spa!  Thanks to you and your team for making it a pleasant experience. We originally purchased the spa that you just replaced back in 1993, when you were known as Spa Exchange.

Steve Earley
Denver, CO


The Timberline is great.  It’s my second Wind River in 11 years and wont be my last.  Everyone at Wind River is knowledgeable and great to deal with. Tyler was patient  and great to deal with even though I changed the color twice.  The delivery crew was great as well and was patient as we located the hot tub on the deck, allowing me to drill thru the floor pan and deck to route the wiring up from below the deck.  I’ve had 2 spas delivered and one moved and stored between houses.  All experiences were good….not the norm for most companies today.  Thanks! 

Parker Colorado


Hi Rick, 
All is well with the tub. Very pleased with the product and your whole team ... from the sales staff, delivery crew and service team. Certainly will recommend Wind River to everyone. Thanks again !

John Prymak
Evergreen, CO


I am loving my spa.  It is perfect for my needs and it has exceeded all of my expectations.  You have a high quality product and a very competent staff! Your crew did a great job delivering the spa and were very conscientious and courteous.

Here is a picture of my spa and my view.  From my deck and in the spa I can see all the way from the Red Rocks Amphitheater to Pikes Peak.  So while I am enjoying the spa I can also enjoy the view.

Bob Williams
Lakewood, CO

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